A Quick Guide to Buying and Using CBD Oil Products

A Quick Guide to Buying and Using CBD Oil Products - Krush Organics USA

A Guide to Using CBD Oil Products

The Cannabis sativa plant has over 80 active chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These chemical compounds provide consumers with several health benefits with little to no side effects. For this reason, legalized recreational marijuana has become a growing trend in developed countries worldwide.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one particular active cannabinoid found in a cannabis plant. It is the chemical compound responsible for causing consumers to have a psychoactive reaction. That is why cannabis products are illegal in many states and countries globally.

The good news is that there’s a legal solution called Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is another one of the active cannabinoids of a cannabis plant, which provides many positive health benefits and effects to consumers. And since CBD does not cause consumers to experience any psychoactive effects, it is 100% legal to buy, sell and consume.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an oil containing the CBD chemical compound. The CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and then mixed with a carrier oil for dilution purposes. The result is a CBD oil product that is safe for people to consume orally or topically.

How is Hemp or CBD Oil Different from Marijuana?

People mistakenly use the terms hemp, CBD, and marijuana synonymously. However, marijuana is not the same as hemp or CBD oil because it still contains a high level of the psychoactive chemical compound THC.

Hemp has no more than 0.3% THC, which is not nearly enough to cause someone to feel “high.” That is why marijuana is illegal, but hemp and CBD oil are not.

Do People Get High on CBD Oil?

CBD oil derived from hemp does not make you high because its THC level is 0.3% or less. Reduced stress and pain will typically be the only changes to your consciousness, but you will still have control over your focus and judgment. You won’t have any delusions or euphoric sensations.

You may find some CBD oil products derived from marijuana, which have higher levels of THC. But these products are only sold in states where recreational marijuana is legal. All other CBD oil products come from hemp, so they do not make you high.

What Kinds of Products Contain CBD Oil?

The three main products containing CBD oil are hemp oils, topical creams and ointments, and gummy bear edibles. Here is a breakdown of each one below:

Hemp Oils

CBD oil extracted from hemp plants is sometimes called hemp oil.

The hemp oils with high concentrations of CBD are taken from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the hemp plant. But if the hemp oil gets extracted from the seeds of a hemp plant, it won’t have CBD in it. So look for products with CBD on the label and not “seed oil.”

Hemp oil products are sold in small bottles as tinctures. The dropper device is attached to the inside of the lid. When you take the lid off, use the dropper to place a few drops of oil underneath your tongue. It is the fastest way for the central nervous system to absorb the natural components of CBD and feel its positive effects.

Pain Creams and Ointments

Pain creams and ointments contain CBD chemical compounds within a creamy or oily solution. They are known to relieve muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation in targeted areas of the body.

Since CBD creams and ointments are topical products, you must apply the solution directly onto the skin covering the painful area. The cannabinoid receptors in the skin will quickly absorb the CBD, activating the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain and inflammation.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are edible candy containing CBD. Many people claim the positive effects of CBD edibles last longer because the digestive system breaks down and absorbs the chemical compounds slowly.

Gummy bear CBD products have several possible health benefits, such as pain relief, reduced anxiety, and better sleep. They have holistic effects on the entire mind and body rather than targeted effects.

What Are the Major Types of CBD Oil?

When shopping for CBD oil, you may notice different terms on the various CBD product labels like broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. So what do these terms mean?

Let’s explore the benefits of each one.

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum is a type of CBD oil with several different cannabinoids and compounds from the cannabis plant, but not THC. The compounds it does have include terpenes, cannabinol, and cannabichromene.

The combination of the various compounds can have more potent effects on consumers. When multiple cannabis compounds work together synergistically, it is known as the entourage effect.

The benefits of broad-spectrum CBD oil include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced skin inflammation
  • Better sleep (CBD Isolate)
  • Reduced anxiety

You won’t get high from broad-spectrum because it doesn’t have THC.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD oil is similar to broad-spectrum CBD oil because they both contain several different cannabinoids and chemical compounds which have stronger effects on consumers. The only difference is that full-spectrum contains up to 0.3% THC, whereas broad-spectrum does not.

As a result, full-spectrum has even more powerful effects because of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The potential benefits include:

  • Reduced seizure symptoms
  • Muscle spasm relief
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Possible psychotic disorder treatment
  • Better sleep

Full-spectrum CBD oil is sold legally despite the THC because the law allows cannabis-based products to have up to 0.3% THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is pure CBD extract without any other cannabinoids or chemical compounds. THC is not in it either, which means no psychoactive effects. You get the full impact of CBD only.

The product manufacturers extract all the other compounds from the oil, leaving CBD behind. Pure CBD is tasteless and odorless, so you can mix it in drinks or food without noticing any difference in taste or smell.

The benefits of consuming CBD isolates include:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Better mood
  • Better memory and focus
  • Better immune health
  • Reduce or prevent seizures

Many people prefer the CBD isolate to receive the full effects of CBD without any other chemical compounds diluting them. The choice depends on whether your body reacts better to multiple types of cannabinoids or just CBD.

The Major Benefits of Using CBD Oils, Topical Creams, and other CBD Products

Is it worth purchasing and consuming CBD oils, topical creams, and other CBD products?

Most people would say “yes” because no adverse side effects are associated with any CBD product. So even if you don’t feel the full benefits of one particular CBD product, you could try another CBD product without worrying about experiencing severe side effects.

There are many potential benefits to consuming CBD oil, topical cream, or any other CBD product. You just have to choose the right CBD product to get the desired results.

You could get relief from the following health problems:

Muscle Conditions, Aches, and Pains

CBD oil can relieve muscle aches, pains, and spasms. Once the CBD interacts with the neurotransmitters of your central nervous system, it triggers endocannabinoid receptor activity which reduces chronic pains.

CBD oils and edibles can work holistically, but they won’t provide targeted relief from specific muscle pains. The best solution is to use CBD topical creams to target specific muscle pain anywhere on the body.


The Arthritis Foundation has found evidence suggesting that CBD gives relief to arthritis sufferers. So if you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience reduced pain in your joint cartilage and bones after consuming CBD.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are responsible for this pain relief. CBD oils, topicals, and edibles are all good for treating arthritis pain.


Post-workout muscle soreness is a common experience after performing high-intensity exercise. Applying a CBD topical product to your sore muscle area could quickly give you temporary relief. Then you can keep using the topical cream or ointment until your muscle recovers naturally.


CBD oil typically targets fatigue by treating the cause of it. For example, if you have chronic anxiety or a sleeping disorder, then it is probably causing you to feel fatigued. But if you consume CBD oil, it can reduce your anxiety and help you get a better night’s sleep.

As a result, you will reduce your fatigue once your anxiety goes away and you’re getting 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep per night.


A 2019 study shows that CBD can treat the anxiety associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also treat social anxiety and depression while enhancing your concentration.

If you are somebody who needs to speak in public or interact with people regularly, you should experience significant anxiety relief by consuming CBD.

Mood Instability

CBD boosts serotonin levels in the body, the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood. Because of this, CBD can serve as an effective mood stabilizer.

It is the same reason why CBD reduces depression and anxiety as well. So if you find yourself in an awful mood on an average day, perhaps CBD can help you turn that around.

Diet and Appetite

Researchers believe that obesity is linked to cannabinoid receptor activity in the brain. Remember that the endocannabinoid system responds to two specific cannabinoid receptors: CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors.

Some studies suggest more CB1 receptors exist in fatty tissue and the brain. So if you can alter the CB1 receptor activity, it could potentially control your appetite and promote weight loss.

Sleep Disorders

CBD could improve the symptoms of certain sleep disorders, such as insomnia and REM sleep behavior disorder. REM is a type of sleep disorder where you act out your dreams as you have them. And since CBD reduces anxiety and depression, people don’t feel as much insomnia at night.


The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil can reduce neurological pain, such as migraines and headaches. Although the research into this is limited, most migraine sufferers have experienced relief from CBD consumption.


CBD may improve immune system health in the body. Since allergies are usually attributed to immune health, you might see improvement in your body’s ability to prevent allergic reactions and attacks.


CBD has the potential to reduce hyperresponsiveness in the airways of your lungs. In other words, asthma triggers and flare-ups will not be as much of a burden. That is excellent news for anyone who has asthma.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Pro-inflammatory cytokines contribute to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. CBD can boost anti-inflammatory cytokines and inhibit proinflammatory cytokines to treat multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Lung conditions

Several studies have suggested CBD has the potential to open bronchial passages and make breathing easier for a person. The studies were done on mice, but many people have claimed to experience the same benefits.

So if you suffer from a lung condition that makes it difficult to breathe, you could find some fantastic relief if you consume CBD oil.

Parkinson’s Disease

A Brazilian research study from the University of Sao Paulo has found that CBD could potentially reduce the physical and cognitive limitations associated with Parkinson’s disease. In addition, no adverse effects or worsening motor function had been found.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is often the result of beta-amyloid plaque accumulation in the central nervous system. Studies show CBD can restore the functionality of two primary proteins in the brain that generally consume dead cells. These proteins are called TREM2 and IL-33.

Are there any Risks?

Most people who consume CBD oil will experience little to no side effects. The most common side effects that some people might experience are dry mouth, reduced appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea. However, several other contributing factors could be causing these side effects, such as other medications, impure CBD products, or high CBD dosages.

Anytime you consume a supplement product like CBD oil, use it in moderation. Follow the instructions on the label and don’t consume more than the serving size. And if you’re currently taking any prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs, consult with your doctor about taking CBD with them.

If you follow this advice, you should not experience any side effects. Either way, you won’t be putting your general health at risk because CBD oil is safe to take. The variety of health benefits will always outweigh the few side effects you might experience.

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